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• New Innovation Models for Smarter & Specialised Regions

On September 9th, Vision hosted the conference "New Innovation Models for Smarter & Specialised Regions", in the context of 25th Economic Forum in Krynica. Among the speakers of the conference: Marek Przeor (Head of Sector Smart and Sustainable Growth, DG Regio), Joachim Schonowski (Telekom Innovation Laboratories), Joakim Larsson (Regional President, West Götaland Region, Sweden), Katarina Hazuchova (Independent Environmental Analyst), Stanislaw Sienko (Deputy Mayor, City of Rzeszów), Alina Gendele (Chair, Latgale Planning Region, Latvia). Conference materials could be found in the event page.

On April 17th VISION was in Boston, organizing the workshop "Smart Specialization and the Future of Italian Research", in partnership with MITaly . The workshop was a chance to bring togehter Italian professionals, researchers and students coming from universities in the East Coast (MIT, Harvard, Yale, Princeton).  The speakers included Francesco Grillo (VISION) and MariaPaola Testa (MITaly). A video-conference with the Ministry for Research & Univesities, Stefania Giannini, was held during the event, with a specific session for Q&A (AGENDA).

On the topic of innovation in the public administration sector both in Italy and in Europe, Vision lead two interesting events, which focused on the analysis and discussion of the institutional conditions that allow an efficient and transparent public services delivery. The Conference 'Public Service Delivery and One-Stop-Shops in Europe' was held in Rome on March 30th, in collaboration with ANCI. While on Wednesday April 1st  Vision was in Brussels for the Workshop 'Institutional Conditions to Develop Successful e-Government Programmes', in collaboration with CIRB. Within the distinguished guests and speakers we mention Azad Jafarli (International Managewr of ASAN Service,  Azerbaijan), Antonella Galdi (Deputy Segretary General, ANCI) and François Du Mortier (Team Support Manager CIRB, Belgium). Conference and Workshop materials are available on the event page. 

• Politics and economics of happiness

 The project is part of the debate about which goals societies should pursue, aware of the limited power of GDP.

• The future of the Universities

Which future for Universities in the global market of Ideas? An international conference to discuss about internationalization and new competitors.

• Kyoto of the cities

The initiative call for a direct leadership of world cities in the tackling of climate change issues, via the adoption of cross-border quasi contracts and mutually agreed policy targets.

• The future of Europe

Europe is facing a stalemate. The EU is already the most sophisticated framework of international governance and thus the best case for moving forward.

• The future of Democracy

The Future of Democracy identifies some of the structural problems of the types of democracies. How to empower citizen, considering lower access cost to information?

• ICT and collective action

Media and their contents have been deeply affected by the impact of ICT and have been changing the way communities react to power.