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March 2009


"Kyoto of the Cities" is a project with the objective to explore the possibility of engaging major cities in an international agreement on environment - related goals and explore strategies for CO2 emissions in housing, waste management and urban transportation.

Project will continue in the upcoming months, and it is open to further contributions.
Follow up paper


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Expert Paper Contributions
1)      Concept Paper
2)      City Making as Climate Policy
Philipp Rode, London School of Economics and Political Science 
3)      Giustizia e Cambiamenti Climatici
Marco Grasso, Vision and University of Milan - Bicocca 
4)      Traffic Congestion in Indian Cities: Challenges of a Rising Power
Azeem Uddin, General Motors, India 
5)      The Next big thing: energy internet and the bottom up generation models
Stefano Casertano, Potsdam University 
6)      The Role of University Education in Fostering Sustainable and Responsible Development
Ludovico Ciferri and Patrizia Lombardi, Politecnico di Torino 
7)      The “e-Agora” challenge
Patrizia Lombardi, Politecnico di Torino 
8)      Everyday Democracy
Silvia Guglielmi, Demos 
9)      Democracy of the Cities
Adrian Hornsby, Kilometer Zero