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The future of Universities in the global market of Ideas: Internationalization and new competitors
April 2011

The conference will focus on the comparison of the effectiveness of different internationalization strategies, and on the new competitors of Universities in the global market of innovation and knowledge.

Number of international students enrolled is a source of revenues, but also a lever for change and an important performance indicator. What are the tools and strategies currently employed in the international students' market? How to assess and choose priorities to attract foreign students? Which are the most important factors in determining international student attraction and satisfaction? Can the brain drain (of countries like Italy) be turned into a competitive advantage? Does it make sense for a country to market its university system as a whole or is it a strategy to be left to alliance of universities or cities?

Universities run their business in a globalised environment which is constantly changing and featured by increasing competition to attract and retain outstanding talent. Will universities maintain their actual role in the future? How can they defend their position against emerging actors such as think-tanks, spin-offs and new media? Is there still a universal definition of universities or are we going toward an ever increasing differentiation and specialization (per segments served, academic domain and missions) of organizations engaged in higher education?


The Internationalization Imperative - Paper VISION

Press release - Conference

Press release - Ranking

Photo and video

Vision Presentation - IREG Conference on National Rankings - Bratislava, 10-11 oct 2011

Vision Presentation - Master Conference (HKR) - Berlin, 25-26 oct 2011

Presentations by panelists:

- Vision - The Internationalization Imperative
- Vision - Le motivazioni degli studenti internazionali
- Vision - La classifica delle Università italiane più internazionali

- ANGIOLO BONCOMPAGNI (Università per Stranieri di Perugia)


- UWE BRANDENBURG (CHE Consult - Partner)


- JOHN HUDZIK (Michigan State University)
- PETER ZERVAKIS (HKR - German Rector's Conference)
- RUI YANG (Hong Kong University)