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Italy-Europe 2013: will the sleeping beauty wake up or die?
March 2013

Although there are all sort of uncertainties, Italian election make at least clear that the slow, sweet decline that has taken place for the last twenty years has come to an end: either Italy will wake up, remove the constraints that prevent her potential to unfold and protect unproductive corporations; or she will be trapped into a Greek style economic and financial tragedy that promises to be fatal to the very fabric of European Union itself.

The seminar, organized by Vision in partnership with Demos, will take place at Europe House (London) on the 21st of March. We will try to understand where Italy is going after elections, and which are the political implications for Europe. Among the speakers of the event: Bill Emmott, Francesco Redi, Jamie Bartlett, Sandro Gozi, Gianni Pittella, Cosimo Pacciani, Lucia Annunziata, Simon Anholt and Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

Among the questions that the seminar will address: Why did the Democratic Party loose an election that seemed already won only six weeks ago, why did Monti fail, how could Berlusconi resurrect once again?  Is it really true that this was a vote against Europe and which are the differences with the message that Greek citizens sent to Europe?  How can we explain that the country that has experienced – between the fifties and the eighties - one of the fastest economic growth in the world, is the nation that has grown the least in the world in the last twenty years?


Vision Paper: Italy-Europe 2013: Will the sleeping beauty weak up or die?


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Demos Paper (Bartlett J. et al.) - New political actors in Europe: Beppe Grilloo and tjhe 5SM